Scrubs came to us because of partnership success in past lives. They were in an emergency situation. Bad code from overwhelmed agencies had left their Magento solution on life support. It was crashing frequently and at all hours of the night. They were also in the middle of a redesign, but were failing to get traction due to the constant fire fighting.


Melon was able to partner with the Scrubs team to parse the existing solution for issues, as well as review the outages for trends that might identify the cause. Quickly, we were able to identify several custom modules that were causing latency concerns. We were able to triage the solution, stabilizing it while we continued to work behind the scenes, improving the solution wherever possible. As our core team stabilized the solution, another team partnered with Scrubs to complete the redesign initiative that had stalled in the chaos.


The result was the successful relaunch of the Scrubs & Beyond Magento commerce solution. The stability of the codebase and the customer focused design have led to sharp increases in customer time on site and conversion. The launch was so successful, Melon and Scrubs are now partnered on new initiatives that help Scrubs and Beyond solidify their place as the largest provider of healthcare apparel and accessories in the United States.