SentinelSix is a global technology provider that specializes in complete situational awareness. They needed a security solution for their business and university partners that provided geo-tracking, emergency response connection, and continuous monitoring. The solution had to be easy to use in emergencies but robust enough to handle any situation.


Melon and SentinelSix partnered to launch GuardianAngel, an end-to-end security solution built as native iOS and Android applications. GuardianAngel offers an easy to access SOS button, geo-location awareness, incognito mode to keep personal times personal, customized alerts, and email, chat, phone, and video emergency support. All of the data is organized and parsed into an easy to monitor React interface, allowing for immediate and precise response to any situation.


GuardianAngel is live, supporting and protecting students and businesses around the world. The platform supports thousands of active users and continues to grow. Melon and SentinelSix are still hard at work, adding new features and integrations to the GuardianAngel platform.