With the number of colleges rising, the cost of colleges increasing rapidly, and the number of students decreasing, there has never been more volatility in the university sector. Cappex is a leader in helping students identify not only the right college, but the scholarships to afford attendance. For students outside the United States, the obstacles and questions around attending universities in the US are much greater and more complex, while the ramifications of making the wrong decision are much more severe and permanent.


Cappex chose to partner with Melon to bring launch their services to a global audience using Drupal and Acquia. Together, we launched the American Scholarships, a Drupal 8 solution focused on the American college experience from a foreign perspective. American Scholarships accounts for the different education experiences and exams around the world to help students share their current level of education and identify the schools at the right level of teaching. With some of the most in-depth campus details on the web, we also help students understand admissions, demographics, climate, social life, outdoor activities, and anything else that might factor into their overall happiness and success at a university. It doesn't stop at just finding the right spot, we have also built out a set of tools to help students put their best foot forward and get into schools they otherwise might not get accepted.


American Scholarships has been helping students around the world for three semesters now. The site has been so successful, Cappex is now consolidating other technical solutions on the Drupal platform and is expanding the offerings of the solutions that already exist.