When SBM purchased the BayerAdvanced lawn care brand from Bayer, they wanted to launch a new company focused on combining cutting-edge innovations with the best-in-class, science-based solutions. They chose Melon to help bring brand to life online. But the team was frustrated with their past experience building on Sitecore, and they were frustrated by a partner that had lost focus after the previous site launch. BioAdvanced was the first of many new sites launching for SBM, and they needed it to be successful and reusable.


Melon was able to identify Drupal as an open-source alternative to the higher-cost Sitecore solution that was in place. We were also able to construct an authoring experience that was more intuitive and efficient that what had existed in Sitecore. Plus, with Drupal's multisite capability, we were able to put together a solution that could act as the template for launching all future brands.


BioAdvanced launched successfully to a both happy customers and happy administrators. Because of the cohesive partnership, Melon continues to roll out new features and support the existing site 24x7. Now, new brands are starting to launch using the multisite template, each benefiting from all of the features built for the others.