1. Locations & Challenges

We are in the era of globalization. The concept of company or office is different than 20 years ago, and that brings new challenges. One of them, is to have people working in different parts of the world.

Right now, Melon operates in Chicago, Raleigh, LA, Hong Kong, and Buenos Aires. The last two cities have 13 hours of time difference, just to mention one of the challenges we have to face in this global integration.

We work with different technologies like Drupal, React, NodeJS, Wordpress.  For us, the best skill that a employee could have is to be a person who can adapt easily to different projects. Business are changing faster and faster, so we need people to succeed in this new environment. Let's see the different challenges and how we work together to overcome them. 

2. Languages & Communication

How do people in Argentina communicates with people in USA? The answer is obvious: in English. Melon invests in English lessons for all non-native English speakers which results in a win-win situation: for the company, because communications between global company members have better results every day, and for employees, because they improve their English speaking skills.

At the same time, having fluent Spanish speakers in US offices is quite useful. They add real value when we need to talk to clients that don’t speak in English, or when someone in Argentina doesn’t know how to express an idea in English. We also have some extremely non-fluent speakers, like our CTO, who says things like “yo querer tomar café” or “esto ser mucho divertido”. The Argentina team appreciates the effort even if it falls a little short of actual communication.

As to the vehicle, Slack is our main communication channel. It’s really helpful to have different channels for several projects and reasons. And, of course, we keep on using email when needed.

3. People & Meetings

We have weekly meetings where we talk about important company-related topics. At those meetings, anyone who starts working in Melon is invited to make a personal introduction. That helps the person to feel part of a single team, no matter the location where he/she is working from.

Flexibility is our mainspring. If you need to work one week from Canada, or from Brazil, that works for Melon. The goal is to get things done, not to force someone to work in an office all day long.

The company provides every employee a new Macbook Pro and everything they need to work, like monitors, bluetooth mouses, etc. And, of course, amazing Melon t-shirts and stickers.

4. Planning

The countries where Melon operates have different holiday schedules. In some countries people take vacations in January and February, and in others, they take time off in June and July. So, planning is essential when you need to have your company global calendar synchronized.

In Melon, we plan holidays and weekly meetings quite in advance. That is the key to maximize the time available and reach positive outcomes.

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